The Farm Shop


by Chimuka Simpuki, Chitima Kazembe and Christine Mweenda

The Farm Shop is a shop run by the school that offers a variety of food and beverages. There also includes a sewing section and metalwork section. It opens at 07:30hrs and closes at 15:30 or 16:30hrs depending on the days of the week. Not only do they sell to us the students, but to the general public. Everything sold there is made right here in our school, by some of the school alumni. Items on sale include chitenge tags, aprons made of chitenge material, necklaces, earrings, bracelets made by students, school uniforms. In the food section there is cake with cream and plain cake, sausage rolls, pie, bread, tea, coffee and softies. The Farm Shop is run by Auntie Maria and Auntie Precious. There is also the Print Shop which is run by Auntie Chikuku.