Pestalozzi Art Students Beautify the School

Art is an extra curricular activity as well as a subject that is learnt and practiced by students at Pestalozzi. It is one of the many talents Pestalozzi students possess. Art is a skill that enables people convey information, a means of expressing people’s emotions.

Art students that worked on the Map of Zambia Painting

Art Class in Session


The Pestalozzi art class has contributed to the beauty of the school as they display their talent through paintings that convey specific messages. For instance, the colorful African flags, sporting and entertainment paintings on our school hall stage depict the diverse cultural and national composition of the Pestalozzi student population as well as the multi-purposes the school hall serves for entertainment, sport and many more school activities.


The Multi- Purpose School Hall Paintings



Besides the map of Zambia and letters of the Alphabet on the walls of our Primary School, the portraits and the still life collection displayed in the art classroom are among some of the amazing pieces worked on.

Pestalozzi, Outstanding education for Head, Heart and ‘HANDS!!’

By Stacey Ngaba, Kenneth Musonda and Precious Mukwela


Art work in the Primary School Hallway