2017 Pestalozzi Careers’ Day

This year’s Careers’ Day took place on Friday the 9th of June. It was a whole day of entertainment, fun and learning as we were graced by invited Guest Speakers from diverse institutions and student performances. Careers’ day gave the students an opportunity to showcase their aspired careers in respective attires of their choice. Pestalozzi believes that Careers’ day is a glimpse into the various career and educational aspirations of our students. The invited Guest Speakers educated us on various professions, including Banking, Insurance, Medicine, Journalism and even the Music Industry. Our Guest of Honour was Mrs. Ann Phiri,a Trustee of the School. Various school clubs, such as Jets, Maths Club and Red Cross put up performances that were part of the entertainment package for the day.

We wish to extend thanks to everyone that made this day possible!!
-Parents, Pestalozzi Pupils,Teachers and members of staff at large, our Guest of Honour, Invited Guests and Guest Speakers-for time taken to share your inspiration with us…Standard Chartered Bank, Prudential Insurance, Radio Phoenix, Daily Nation, Kantu and many others.

By Emmanuel Mumbi, Taizya Silungwe, Daniel Masona and Kabalika Chipili